Nature is speaking louder and louder to us. I am thinking of the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. There are lots of “smaller” examples too, like the wave that smacked the ocean liner on the Mediterranean breaking into the side of the boat this week. In these situations, people have come into intimate contact with survival. One topic which reaches people in a crisis is: where will we get our food?

It think it is a human right to have access to food. There is a point in the cosmos which speaks of human rights and that is the Galactic Center, located at 26° Sagittarius, the axis around which our galaxy is centered. Any planet or body passing by this degree addresses human rights and reminds me that we are born naked and when we die, although we may be wearing clothes, if we want a better outfit on, someone else has to dress us, not us. A large part of what we need to live is to eat.

Currently the dwarf planet Ceres is conjunct the Galactic Center. For Ceres as a symbol, I picture a lovely maiden holding an amber wave of grain. This may seem harmless enough, but somewhere in the innocence is the dark power of food. Sometimes we hear these nearly unbelievable stories of parents starving their kids – of food or sustenance, for many seasons, like in the storyline of Persephone and the underworld myth. In the Persephone story, Ceres is the mother – she knew her child had been abducted and in her depression, all the leaves fell off of the trees and it was winter. When Persephone was returned from the underworld, the world became summer. Ceres, in mythology, also symbolically embodies the seasons.

I was in the airport today and there was a long line for our economy flight with Continental. All of us average people were in the long economy line. There was another counter, called “Elite Access”, which was empty. I noticed some people trying to get the chance to be in the elite line. One man flashed his shiny gold card, but the attendant shook his head “No”.

I also had a longing for elite access – there’s my stellium in Capricorn for you. I wanted to have better treatment, get through fast, painlessly with no boredom for me or my son. When I saw the man with the shiny gold card get rejected, I looked around and had a 180° shift, that I was already in the elite line, to just be normal and be on earth we already have elite access to have been born naked.

When I get my economy tray of food at my seat on the plane today, I’m going to lean into the aisle, look forward, and wink at the elite access trays of food in business class. Ceres passes over the Galactic Center is a like a big cosmic saying of Grace, being thankful for the food around us which we can have if we want in any season.


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