Mercury conjunct Sun Like a Line Drawing

When Mercury aligns with the Sun in conjunction, we may hear a story like a clear line drawing, where the outline is defined, with the mass not yet filled in. And when Mercury conjuncts Sun like it will this Sunday in Pisces, the line may be modulated, having a dark to light quality indicating the fuzzy gray so familiar to Pisces yet the Mercury influence creates a predominately analytical and story telling effect.

In both astronomy and astrology, when Mercury is moving forward, the Mercury-Sun conjunction is called superior. And when Mercury is retrograde, the conjunction is called inferior. The inferior conjunction will take place on Wednesday, April 28 at 8° Taurus.

I plan to follow these two dates, Sunday March 14, at 23°Pisces, the Superior Line Drawing, and Wednesday April 28, at 8° Taurus, the inferior or interior mass, where the substance or insides may become more defined. These two points may help us understand some insights into the up-coming Mercury retrograde in April.


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