Healthcare, The Aries Point, Go!

The Go square, in the game Monopoly, is the point where the game starts. This corresponds to the first degree of Aries in astrology. As we travel around the Monopoly board, the Go square remains and feels like a second of respite, just past the drama of Boardwalk. Not that I find very much correlation between Monopoly and Astrology, but I was thinking today that The Aries Point has kind of the feeling, but not the exact function, of combining Go with Community Chest, Chance, Free Parking, The Electric Utility and Boardwalk all while if it were possible to put hotels on this conglomerate – hotels where we could sign up for our new Health Insurance.

The Sun has just passed by the first degree of Aries, so we are starting a new round. The Aries point is being activated more than usual by Pluto and Saturn from Capricorn and Libra respectively. The chart to the right shows Sun’s ingress into Aries from the perspective Eastern Daylight Time. The four cardinal signs lign up on the angles, with Aries being at the Midheaven, Cancer rising. Today may be the day President Barack Obama and his team will get the historic health care bill passed.
In this chart, the ruler is the Moon solidly placed in the sign of its exaltation, Taurus, in the 11th house of groups, the future and dreams. This Moon makes a positive aspect to Uranus in the 9th house showing favor and eventual comfort with new solutions. Sun will oppose Saturn tomorrow evening. Saturn is at the bottom of the chart retrograde, while the Sun is high in the chart exalted in Aries and only gathering more strength as it trines Mars. This looks to me like an old tradition giving way to the new.
Whether or not you are a fan of getting the new Health Bill passed, my point is, this spring a LOT is possible, we can make a lot of headway in our lives. The astrology is unbearably exciting as Jupiter and Uranus are heading for Go at the Aries Point. This will be exact on June 8 2010, with all the optimism and confidence of Jupiter and at the same time the genius of Uranus meeting up both exactly on the astrological sweet spot, spelling another giant leap for peoplekind.


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