Seeing and Being Seen; Transformed In Detail

A few months ago, I was at the Wax Museum in Berlin…

…and saw these eyes in a tray which felt creepy as they were displayed in styrofoam compartments and seemed like they had a soul. This reminded me of Scorpio, in that Scorpio people can sometimes make themselves invisible or detached, yet maintain intense eye contact – creating a very deep observation system.

I thought of this today as Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, has just turned retrograde. This deep, invisible way of observing is now active within our consciousness – not just for Scorpios, but for all of us, — in our psychology, our souls, our minds and obsessions…

…also as today, Saturn re-enters Virgo, letting us not just spy on ourselves inwardly, but to see details in sharp focus
and take action even if we don’t want to.

This is a chance to get over ourselves
(with great effort, of course).

Luckily, to add some momentum, a New Moon is coming up next week on Wednesday, April 14. This will be a New Moon in Aries, which may point to the beginning of the beginning of something we may have been trying to birth for a while.

As the days before the New Moon are building, the Dark of the Moon can be a time when the pending beginnings, wishes and longings may feel bleak or out of our reach every time – sort of like what PMS can do.

This New Moon is happening just before a Mercury retrograde, so one tact may be to sort through something old, to birth what we have been wanting to birth and have been working with our intentions for a while...

…like the big pile of old toys, school papers, clothes, magazines, books and stuff to sort and give away. Because by doing this we can, for example, transform a huge part of our living space from a big messy corner or even whole room to a peaceful library. This can change not just our physical space...

…but also our outlook on life!


If you want to schedule a reading to find out how to use this astrology to transform an aspect of your life, contact me either through facebook or email, so we can set up an appointment for your Spring Cleaning reading.
This blog is dedicated to Meg Alexander.

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