Rainbow Bridge To Higher Ground

Recently, I was talking to my friend Yuko, who brought up the 150° degree angle currently between Saturn at 29° Virgo and Chiron at 29° Aquarius. I had not been thinking about this quincunx at all, but I started to so I ran Saturn + Chiron + quincunx through my astrology program and noticed that we are currently in the 4th of a series of 5 quincunxes happening since Obama has been elected. This means that the quincunx has been running parallel to the Saturn-Uranus opposition. A quincunx is a connection that tends toward continual adjustment rather than a solid hunkering in, like a soup which is never finished where one minute we think the soup needs more salt and the next minute it needs more pepper, but then it needs more stock, and this keeps going.

The next quincunx between Saturn and Chiron will be exact on this coming Monday, April 12, less than two weeks before the next exact Saturn Uranus opposition on April 26. The Saturn Uranus opposition is the strong split opinions which have been dividing nations, parites, communities, friends and families since 2008. The upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at the Aries point indicates quick, broad world incidents effecting us personally. The quincunx added into the mix may be asking for some fluidity in our opinions rather than getting so fixed on an issue.

As I started to think about this combination, Earth (Saturn in Virgo) and Air (Chiron in Aquarius) combined, I thought of the Virgo planet Mercury in exaltation in Aquarius, and how that (a detailed analysis for our future’s solutions) may be a door to open to get out of the polarity. Yuko pointed out that Chiron, as ruler of Virgo, and Saturn, as ancient ruler of Aquarius, are in mutual reception until April 20 when Chiron will enter Pisces.

I also spoke with Paloma, who reminded me of Barbara Hand Clowe’s Rainbow Bridge. Chiron, located between Saturn and Uranus, acts as a bridge between the inner planets and the outer planets, between the old and the new, the personal and the collective, the past and the future.

What this seems to emphasize is the importance of Chiron at the last degree of Aquarius pointing us to our personal and political futures. Many countries seem to be on the brink of extreme thought and change from Kyrgyzstan to Thailand to today’s tragic accident bringing down an airplane with Poland’s highest officials sadly now gone.

Saturn on one end of this quincunx at 29 Virgo is crying out for us to look into the details and heal on a soul level. The specifics in our health, our paperwork, and day to day life, often so tedious, may help ground us as we are crossing the rainbow bridge to a personal and collective higher ground. As this quincunx asks for adjustments in the way we think about our day to day practical affairs, it may be the nicest to structure the pondering during morning walks with the dog, or daily meditation. We may find fluidness helps while tasting the soup on our wild adventures on the bridge.


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