Bikini Season Here I Come

Ladies and Gentlemen, If there has ever been a good New Moon for getting our bodies ready for bikinis (or one piece bathing suits or hot pants or baby doll bathing suits with aprons), it is this New Moon this Wednesday, so start your engines! One hour per day walk, run, bike, whatever, but just do it. The New Moon will be exact at 9:29 pm in Sydney; 1:29 pm in Hamburg; 7:29 am in New York and 4:29 am in California. So we need to be starting our exciting new discipline on or just before the exact New Moon. Today is Monday, so this gives us a day to get the equipment we need, like shoes, and to psyche ourselves up.

P.S. This New Moon aligns with my 3rd house of communication, so THATS why I am writing about it – to strengthen my intention.

If you would like to find out where this New Moon aligns in your chart to support your bikini body, write to me either in an email or on facebook to set up a time.


2 thoughts on “Bikini Season Here I Come

  1. Excellent point, Deirdre! If I didn't have a dog to guilt me into taking her for walks every day, I'd be much worse off than I am.This New Moon is in my 5th house, hoping it will kick start new creative projects . . . or re-start an old one that I HAVE to finish. LOLdiane~

  2. Nice that you have a dog, Diane. What kind is it? Do you ever post photos of your dog on your blog?What fun – a new moon in your 5th house. Also maybe enjoyable contact with children, or a knitting project for a child? Well the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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