Chiron in Pisces Impressionism

Recently there was a shift in the sky which I think has an effect on the way we dream. Often times when we dream, like at night time, it can be hard to remember a part of the dream or make sense of it all. But the same can go for our dreams and ideals in our lives. We may want something but if we look closer, we may notice there can be a vagueness in exactly what we want.

Pisces can be the dreamiest of signs, we may simply want to live in a castle without considering the details of how to get there. When Chiron enters Pisces, as it did last week, we now have the possibility to look at the details in the dream. We can zoom in and look at the the pixels which create a larger impression. With Pisces there is no linear logic. Pisces works more like magic.

Chiron creates an indeniable awareness of detail in the dream. We can zoom in and zoom out and see the dream clearer and clearer with our awareness ever heightening to a kind of sensibility we may used to have described as silence or nothing. This could be why during the years when Chiron is in Pisces (the last time was 1961 – 1969) we tend to fight for our dreams more intensely – because we can see them and because we can.


2 thoughts on “Chiron in Pisces Impressionism

  1. Oh – This is awesome. I feel like i've been having dreams for years, but they've been vague….i want the house, but i couldn't begin to say what it was made of, what the lawn looked like, or the furniture and decorations. This week, i'm starting to see clearer pictures!! How long does this last?-Lee

  2. Hi Lee, Wow, that's fantastic that the details are coming clear. This is actually a really long transit – YEARS! To be exact, this is the the schedule for Chiron in Pisces:April 20 – July 20, 2010February 8 2011 – April 17 2018Enjoy the details of your desires,—Deirdre

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