Deirdre’s June Horoscopes 2010

In June we experience the historic Jupiter Uranus conjunction which can be great inspiration to fulfilling our life’s dreams. The new Moon in Gemini, the Northern Solstice, and the Lunar Eclipse is astrology which can help lead to the most positive changes we have ever imagined as the Cardinal Square moves closer to exact.
To find out how these cosmic patterns work with your chart, send me an email, to schedule a reading for you.

ARIES: Your recent winter hibernation has officially melted and you are finally off and running! The completely new way of thinking, being and writing, which has everyone excited included yourself, suggests it is also okay to let go of an aspect of your role in the world. This letting go can make room for and bring focus to a significant other who wants to build a nurturing nest in a new and equal way.
TAURUS: At a certain point Marco Polo stopped traveling so the book of his journeys could be written. Your astrology suggests the fireworks in your dreams are calling you to do something similar. You have gathered the knowledge; you see the big picture. Never before has it been so important to express your dreams — the more details you see, the more stability you can create.
GEMINI: The new Moon in your sign this month suggests that the role you play in the company of new and different folk you keep creates a new phase in your life where you can sell isolation for personal profit. The ideas and sense of home you find in the lively community surprisingly strengthens your self confidence in ways that give you relief and independence for the first time in a long long time.
CANCER: You may understand one of Life’s Big Secrets this month: that you are the angel who has manifested the power you experience with partners and significant relationships. This realization may be the source for the courage you find to define security in your terms. Opportunities in the world may present you with the need to finalize the spelling of your real name or to choose a pen name which keeps you safe as you share the secrets with a larger public than you imagined.
LEO: After a long winter, you are now sure of your great value and worth. The new Moon on the 12th, highlighting an inspired audience, can create a shift in your life plan concept. A new way of structuring your day supports your earning power and gives voice to your subconscious mind while all and far-reaching eyes are on you.
VIRGO: The power is in your humble court this month as opportunities which come your way are but a reflection of all the hard work you have done the past few years. You may find the resources of a group particularly valuable as you let go of an aspect of responsiblity you have held onto since you were a child. Make the new opportunity at work the stepping stone to long term goals becoming more and more real next month.

LIBRA: New, exciting, strange and helpful people show up in your life distracting you out of a comfort zone as shadows of the past may turn out to be paper tigers. Boxing your way through your fears opens up a big and fascinating new world which can nurture you as you identify with playing the role of hero in your elegant and lovely life.
SCORPIO: The new Moon on the 12th, seducing you into curious, previously unknown positions, inspires you to tame the rodeo which has burst onto your daily scene. The energy you expend in the community may make you think twice about becoming president of the neighborhood association toward the end of the month. Pace your self as bigger mountains to climb appear on the horizon beginning in July.
SAGITTARIUS: Fun takes on a new dimension this month as Jupiter and Uranus, now conjunct in your solar 5th house, unleash super pleasant surprises regarding children, artwork, dance and a sense that all of life itself is romance. A new aspect of your life as a partner inspires a compelling message you may want to send out to the world.
CAPRICORN: No matter how the deck is cut, life as you perceive it may not be what you want AND you have all the powers in your possession to make necessary adjustments. A new project could present itself at work this month which can bring excitement to your home, even if at first it’s just in the words you are writing. A voracious appetite for any bigger picture may provide relief to aspects of your ego which may have gotten in your way.
AQUARIUS: Something about a new perspective in your little neighborhood may inspire you where you most want to be inspired, jostling fears that have prevented community barbecues at your house for the last substance of time. If you want to see your people jump for joy then cut a rug and jig across a neighbor’s lawn. This may surprise you when a buyer makes an offer you never expected.
PISCES: It could be worth defining new goals in your life and letting go of a group which you thought was vital to your existence. The new Moon in Gemini this month suggests you may re-consider what makes you safe; a new domestic style could present itself. An exciting new sense of self worth may see you so busy with the reinvention of your personal commerce that a partner may resort to trying on the grizzly bear costume to get attention, but will you notice?
To understand how the details of your chart work with June’s powerful astrology, send me an email to schedule your reading, I look forward to hearing from you!


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