The Aries Point: But I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Once a therapist told me, “Misery is wishing things were different” and that’s true, isn’t it? There can be different reasons for feeling miserable, whether it’s from feeling lost, confused, disappointed, impatient, or not knowing what we want. Sometimes if we can just see a map and find out where we are this can be relieving and even interesting.
One way of finding some sense of a map in the cosmos is to track and compare time cycles among planets and other bodies. When slow-moving planets orbit into new territory, especially a few of them at the same time, this can create new a new era, which is what we are witnessing now. The marker in astrology which marks the beginning, is the first degree of Aries. When some of the slower moving planets pass over this point, this also marks a new era’s beginning – and we are also witnessing this now. This is quite a shift from go-with-the-flow Pisces to the strong-willed, determined impulse of Aries. This energy demands us to find patience, although this may make us miserable! I find inspiration in the picture of the baby in this picture. He strains to hold his head up, eyebrows raised, fists clenched, a moment of pure will leading to action, progress and empowerment. Currently in the sky Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are all in Aries. Although in itself this is exciting, breaking news, historic astrology, at the same time it’s just the beginning, so practicing patience in the same proportion as being impulsive may helpful. This may help us stay relaxed and content so we can see what we what, hold our heads up, eyebrows raised, fists clenched and then go for it!

Photo by Tinna Bessadóttir

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One thought on “The Aries Point: But I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey 🙂 … I love your bloggs and the notion of your blog!! I'm very interested in horoscopes and I will continue to read your blogs!if you like you can follow me 🙂 Looking forward to it! xox, Jessica-Lauren

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