Unfolding the Wings of this New Moon

When butterflies come out of a cocoon, their wings are wet and they hang there, suspended from their cocoon, attached to the underside of a leaf, vulnerable to the outside world. As soon as the wings dry, the butterfly can flutter around in its light way, looking like the social butterfly it becomes.

Today is the new Moon in Gemini. There may be a new beginning in the way we are in our neighborhoods, or in the way we speak, think, write, read or the way we communicate with relatives. The shift may feel heavy at first. As we get our bearings and let our wings unfold, we may feel vulnerable for a bit, but soon enough we’ll be flying around collecting information and sipping nectar on our paths!

Today USA plays England in the soccer World Cup! I will go to the neighborhood bar and sip some nectar there. Hope I find some Americans.


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