A Diagram of the Summer Eclipses 2010

This morning I realized I had an image in my mind of a bridge as a way of structuring the upcoming astrology. I was picturing the two eclipses as towers supporting a suspension bridge, like The Tower Bridge of London. This bridge itself is such an event with a hodge-podge of elements and experiences. It seems you could be on one part of the bridge, like deep inside one of the towers, and forget you are on a bridge. Or you could be racing across in a hurry to get to the other side, and be oblivious to what’s going on in the towers.
The bridge I have diagrammed is, from left to right in chronological order, made of the Northern Solstice, the Lunar Eclipse, and Uranus retrograde on the Aries point halfway through the eclipses.Then comes the Solar Eclipse and right after that Chiron goes back into Aquarius and Saturn goes back into Libra.

The Tower Bridge, because of its unique components and important location, has become an icon and a symbol. The astrology of 2010, as I perceive it here from our important location, Earth, could also well become an icon and a symbol in the future. We may look back and remember the summer of 2010, when we built a bridge to the next part of our lives.

To see how the specifics of your chart work with this summer’s unforgettable astrology, contact me through facebook or send me an email to schedule your reading, design@deirdretanton.com

3 thoughts on “A Diagram of the Summer Eclipses 2010

  1. Hi Deirdre,I just discovered your website. I'm an artist too. I love the tone of your posts and how they melt with the paintings. You mention the Baltic Sea. I'd like to know where you write from.This particular post about the bridge feels very reassuring. Thank you.P.

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