A Sense of Ease in Nature

I did this illustration today thinking mostly of the intensity of the astrology in the moment and how helpful it is to find some inner peace in whatever way we can. I started out drawing a man and a woman kissing. The woman looked to me like Egyptian / Native American royalty and the guy looked like Joe Highschool, so I decided to just focus on the princess. To me the flowers in her hair were like the feeling of swimming with long hair and feeling it go back along your scalp and shoulders as you come up from the water. And then I imagined some sort of being who may be like an ascended master and the idea of an ascended master swimming in the Gulf of Mexico diffusing fears and thoughts as the shadow side finding some ease in nature.
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4 thoughts on “A Sense of Ease in Nature

  1. it's almost as if she's absorbing the oil into & through her hair, pulling it with her as she goes, cleansing & purifying. what a fantastic vibration your illustration gives off… i can honestly really feel it. inspiring… just a matter of interest – i paint with acrylics, what medium do u use as an illustrator… you've inspired me to give it a go… thanks x

  2. Hi Dragonfly13, I also like using acrylics. I like to work on thick archival paper. But for this image of the woman with flowers in her hair, I used black pen on white paper and scanned the image into Photoshop.So I switch around – sometimes tactile, sometimes electronic. This image would translate well to acrylics on paper come to think of it.Thank you so much for your sensitive articulation of what you felt in this image. Deirdre

  3. I love to draw too but this is beautiful. To me she looks native like and she looks natural. That where I see the flowers and the natural backround give off her identity. It's beautiful and inspiring.

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