Rare, Square & Extraordinaire

The astrology of now is rare. Early on the morning of June 26, on the East Coast, a full Moon eclipse was part of the extraordinarily powerful square alignment involving slow orbiting planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and dwarf planet Pluto. With this configuration, there is immense clarity and push for prioritizing what is important in our lives. In this astrology, Claiming Leadership + Pressing Forward + Not Giving Up = Happiness (Eventually).
The signs most effected are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Also if you have personal planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars in any of these signs you may feel a powerful surge of motion or energy in your life.
From now and for the next two weeks until the solar eclipse on July 11, it is important to take note of events happening in our lives. These are eclipse events. The events are in the news as well as in our personal lives as this planetary alignment is near the zero degree mark in cardinal signs, the astrology of where the personal meets the political.
In our personal lives, whether we meet someone new at a barbecue, find out about new projects at work or become part of a new team, eclipse events represent the hand of fate and we are put on notice to pay particular attention to how we direct the current changes on our path.
I am here and available to read your chart regarding how the eclipses and powerful square alignment are connected with you. Email me to set up a reading: design at deirdretanton dot com.

One thought on “Rare, Square & Extraordinaire

  1. Hi well, I am a gemini and I don't know why my sign is not up there to be the most affected because I am feeling the vibes!I think, im not sure, I have mercury in my atrology discpription of me so that may be why.I have been feeling a lot of regret from past events and I have been trying to gain control of myself and realise its not important to start fessing it all up and to move on forward so that I can finally be happy. I never experienced this feeling in my life! its like my mind just wants to start fresh and cleanse itself of any wrong in me! but I felt alot better yesterday because I read something saying that I am worthy too and I need to take control of my like, keep my composure, and do what makes me happy not others. I felt that fessing up would make me happy but it wasn't working. learning to deal with it and just moving on forward was the key. This astrology blog really helped me to understand why I felt this sudden ugre to change myself in order to reach happiness. I guess I was just taking the wrong steps to reach that goal. Its my life and I matter too. No more fessing up and just being happy.

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