Truth Here Shift There

I got an email today from a friend who said, “…my career isn’t happening fast enough, I’m obsessed with why I’m not happy right now…”. The chart of this friend is the cardinal cross. Can you imagine how much she wants her life to go forward!
Also, the lunar eclipse made a powerful contact to her 4° Cancer Moon, the ruler of her 10th house. So she is feeling fully frustrated. There were a number of other factors going on in her chart as well, but the point is now, while we are in the middle of two eclipses, she can alter her routine which will alter her consciousness which will create a shift, which will make some movement to get her out of a hazy territory which seems to feel so powerless to her.
Today as Mars conjuncts Vesta, we may find Truth sitting on our laps. Interestingly, Juno is making a positive aspect to the Mars Vesta conjunction. This is an opportunity to define our Truth with a partner or a consultant. And lets not forget, we are between eclipses, the time when we can alter patterns in all of our lives. Today we can define our truth in relationship and move toward it.

2 thoughts on “Truth Here Shift There

  1. Hello, I was wodnering if you could let me know what my atrology chart is:)… Im born on june 3 1988. I truly believe in astrology and I have been feeling alot of differences in my life this past month. I'm no too sure how to e-mail you to find out what my astrology chart so I hope its okay of I message you here? Thank you for all your kindness and help that means alot!

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