Sign on a bridge as symbol for Cardinal Cross

One of the ways to get from Baltimore to Chincoteague involves crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Looking at the pictures I took as I was crossing the bridge with my brother, I noticed how dramatic it seemed to have a Crisis Hotline sign posted to a telephone poll in the middle of the bridge. The next frame seemed so stable in comparison with the symmetrical, steel structure creating a stable path to the future. As I put these two images side by side, it occurred to me that this juxtaposition created a visual metaphor for this summer’s historic astrology called The Cardinal Cross.

The Cardinal Cross is a rare and powerful square alignment involving slow-orbiting planets. The slowness of the orbits means that the square pattern holds and the window of time for an effect is longer. This can be compared to getting a medical degree, which takes a lot of time, patience and hard work, but then you have the doctorate degree for the rest of your life. Some people are in med school right now doing just that. Other people are in Afghanistan on a tour. Other people look like they are going to work like always, but they may have a lot on their mind.
Wherever we are, we may be noticing that the topic of shifts in the bigger picture, is like this image of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Change may be perceived as a crisis. Help is always available from somewhere. And the new steps we take can create powerful and stable paths in our future.
To see how The Cardinal Cross is taking shape in your chart, contact me through facebook or send me an email: to schedule a reading with me.

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