Virgo:The Mermaid Who Works 24/7

It is September 1 and that means deep Virgo season. I have been looking carefully at the mermaid in the fountain outside of the cathedral in Amalfi Italy because I was commissioned to paint her.

In doing so I learned that at that time, in 1760 when the fountain was designed, the intention of having an eternal fountain was a dedication to the apostle Andrew who later became a saint. In essence this fountain symbolizes divine eternity.
And so this mermaid works eternally according to a divine plan and humbly in accordance with the divine. This speaks to me of the Virgo Pisces axis, and the connection between dharma and karma. The energy of Virgo is ideally humble, providing service as a role in the divine plan.
This is the first Virgo season in four years when we have not had Saturn in Virgo. Most likely we have all honed in on our tasks during these years, now being more careful about what we eat, say and do. This September we mortals can think of the mermaid working 24/7 in Amalfi keeping the trickle of energy going in her dharma. Maybe this can be inspiration as we get back to school, back to work and back to our lives.

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