The Gemini Moon and Movable Air

Today the Moon is in Gemini, a sign which rules communication and siblings and it reminds me that recently my sister asked me if I had any symbols I had already drawn of the zodiac and I do. So while Mercury is retrograde, I am digging them out of my past and looking at them again. These symbols were also used by Planet Waves for their 2006 Annual. What a history!
I did this drawing originally in 1996. Still when I look at it I think there can’t possibly be any other symbol for Gemini from me, although that probably means there are endless sets of symbols yet for me to born. The idea behind this image is that Gemini is about mutable air, or air that is always moving, thus the windmill. Gemini is also about two, which is why she has a mask, symbolizing an alter ego. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the winged messenger which is why she has wings on her ankles and is a delivering a message. I made this drawing with chalk pastel on top of gouache. The blue strokes in the background emphasize the idea of motion. Often to me Geminis have the energy and weight of a butterfly, landing from flower to flower, thus the bow on her shirt.

Gemini rules siblings like I said, and about the conversation with my sister, Pamela, who is a writer, we were taking about promotions, special offers and gift certificates, and for me to offer a special on astrology readings for each sign. So today because moon is in Gemini and there is a flow, the special is $75 for a reading for Geminis. If you are a Gemini or have a special Gemini in your life, email me at design (at) deirdretanton (dot) com to set up an appointment.

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