When Moon is in Cancer

Cancer often depicts a crab – an animal who lives by the water withdrawing into her shell when she needs protection. As far as I know, only one crab fits into one shell, and thus the crab is lured out of her safe world when she wants to cook, eat, nurture or protect her family or territory.
The home is of huge importance to a Cancerian. Her decor needs to keep her safe and the kitchen must be exactly as she wishes. The sense of home extends not just to architecture, but also to political boundaries, the countries where we were born, or the country that has nurtured us the most. A Cancerians’ patriotic and political involvement is deeply, authentically and emotionally connected to the personal.
Many Cancerians can have extremely strong feelings about their families and extended families. The book on this woman’s lap symbolizes a family album. The pages show a white and a black rose to symbolize the strong feelings around family members – there is often black or white feelings and not a lot of shades of grey in between.
When the moon is in Cancer, as it is today, we may be tuning into our shell, our families, our food and our security. This drawing is an image of a woman in a kind of meditation, sitting in front of her home at the sea side looking through a family album. On her home flies a moon flag, the ruler of the sign Cancer. This is an image of a Cancerian at home in her world.
While the moon is in Cancer, I continue the special, $75 for a reading, now for Cancerians. If you are a Cancer or have a special Cancer in your life, email me at design (at) deirdretanton (dot) com to set up an appointment.

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