When Moon is in Virgo

Virgo heals our soul with earth energy. This drawing, which I did in 1996, is my ex-husband while I was still married to him but before we tiled the entire kitchen together. When I did this drawing, I was thinking about the way high Virgo energy grounds us all, so there is a big accent on the floor, as it is a beautiful puzzle. In the floor maker’s hands is a five-sided tile, the same shape as home plate in baseball, symbolizing the connection between home and ground. The mood is pensive – Virgos think a lot! There is a lot of “empty” space as I have never met a Virgo who did not appreciate open surfaces.
Ultimately ultimately ultimately ULTIMATELY…. Virgo energy is service. And I have something to say about the Jewish holidays this week. This is big because family holidays can make us nervous. Grudges may have built up from fundamental cracks, some teenagers may be wrestling with eating disorders and we have all just been through some of the most toughest astrology in decades. So the advice for sitting down to dinner with our tribe is service.
If you feel nervous to attend a dinner with your family, just think what can I do to help – and I mean really help. What does the host or hostess need? Not what do you think they need, but what do they think they need? Do they need you to bring light to the table? Then do. Do they need acknowledgement for bringing the family together? Then thank them with every gesture happily and peacefully. Do they need us to come over the day before and prepare? Do they need us to definitely NOT come over the day before? What does your partner need? Is you partner suffering? Does offering you hand under the table sooth his soul? You know what is best because you know your family. If family is not available, then finding someone lonely at a Jewish Community Center to share time with could be comforting for everybody.
There is almost always a way to rise above our fears! I wish all of my Jewish friends a lovely season with treasured closeness and security and with laughs and love. May the new Moon in Virgo assist us all with our soul healing so we can offer ourselves in service in this, our Book of Life.

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