When Moon is in Libra

When the moon is in Libra, life is a balancing act. From the outside life may look pretty, artistic and designed. What I notice about Libran energy is situations where there is the room to balance. Small Libra children can especially like balancing walking on the edge of a stone wall. The great high wire artist, Philippe Petit, has Neptune in Libra conjunct the south node opposed by Moon in Aries conjunct the north node. In this chart one could say there is a life purpose to passionately and ambitiously aspire to the highest balance. According to wikipedia, currently Mr Petit is one of the Artists-in-Residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

When we seek balance or peace we may find tension or a sense of danger along the way. The high wire artist in this drawing is balancing in the foreground. In the middle ground is the shadow of  mountains or the open jaws of  an animal symbolizing fears that Libra may keep inside. Libra’s greatest tool is Saturn, symbolized be the long metal pole for balance. With discipline, while Saturn is in libra and moon too, we can rise above our fears and create an atmosphere of harmony.


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