When Moon is in Scorpio

When Moon is in Scorpio, it is as if we have a key to the secret treasure of our deepest psychology. This weekend is particularly so as Mercury is preparing to station direct, a time often associated with the truth coming out. Saturday on the East Coast begins with Moon conjuncting Venus in Scorpio, a passionate, breakfast-in-bed, delicious vibration. Moon moves throughout the day in positive aspect to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and Mercury in Virgo. With such a slow moving Mercury time is moving slowly and we may have patience to work through “our stuff” which used to trip us as we ran. Early Sunday Morning, Venus in Scorpio makes a positive aspect to Pluto. The atmosphere is primed for getting to the source of jealousy, opening our hearts in the equivalent safety of Fort Knox, and breaking through from dramatic dark to a trusting light.


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