When Moon is in Sagittarius

When Moon is in Sagittarius we hear big, international, fascinating stories of culture, love, loss and then love again. A grandmother may sell the family farm to send all of her grandchildren to top universities. The grandchildren embody  the grandmother’s positive spirit, become the top in their field — and buy the farm back with the market in their favor. Sagittarius is an eternal flame of optimism and wisdom lit for us all. The requirement is to go further than we have ever gone to live a non-fiction legend.

When I drew this Sagittarian image, I was thinking of my crazy Sagittarian friends who put together the darndest fashion looks. They can even wear transportation like accessories. In this drawing the Sagittarian wears a sweater with lightening bolt patterns while sitting on a unicycle with an encylopedia as a seat. This symbolizes the original, independent, intellectual thinker. You may see zig-zag tracks from the wheels, but don’t let that fool you, look closer and you will see that the Sagittarian is always moving forward toward a goal. The little red bird perched upon an open palm symbolizes the freedom that Sagittarians not just need, but also give, and this is one of the great gestures of wisdom they offer to the whole wide world.

Nestled between two relatively serious signs, Scorpio and Capricorn, when the Moon is in Sagittarius, it is almost like vacation, a space opens up for lightness, learning something new and epic stories, which really do need to be written down and published or made into films. Sagittarius inspires the whole world to laugh, and if you ask me, I think there is no smarter medicine than that.


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