When Moon is in Aquarius

A gardener waters his plants at night by the light of the moon. All beings equal, he treats each one with respect and gentleness. Growing a garden gives him peace of mind, a sense of place and a community of kindred spirits. ____________ —Deirdre Tanton (This is what I write for Aquarius energy for my oracle cards.)

When Moon is in Aquarius we can think of our lives like a garden with many plants. We don’t marry our plants usually but we can still love them. We don’t worry if our plants live with us, because as Earthlings, they already do. We don’t worry if our plants will invite us to their birthday party or say I love you to us. We just visit them when we want and say I love you when we want. If you have trouble understanding Aquarius, this garden analogy should help put the necessary distance  on the matter. Aquarius asks us to be intelligent, to use our minds, think strategically and for the future. Aquarius can seem mysterious because the energy can be unpredictable. That’s because Aquarius has two rulers, one new school and one old school. With Aquarius, you just never really know — and this is human!

Moon will be in Aquarius all weekend as Jupiter is conjunct Uranus. There is synergy in the air, like sparks almost. When out in the world or on the internet this weekend, notice the coincidences, the brief meetings the sense of the group, the watching out for the underdog and most of all delight in the garden of your life.


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