When Moon is in Aries

When Moon is in Aries it can be a relief! Things start to move and move fast. I think Moon in Aries is the most ambitious Moon placement of all. It is hard to stop until the goal is reached. Aries has the energy of being first and for that we are willing to blast ourselves through apparent blocks on the path.

In this drawing, a red landscape sets a passionate mood as this woman observes her image in a mirror of truth. The small, contained fire suggests a safe, planned ritual where energy is transmuted under a dramatic sky with one evening star.

The Moon is full in Aries today in the first degree of the sign. This is fantastic energy to DO as a means of RELEASE! This means to fully exercise, or to fully clean the house (if that’s your thing), or to go fully to an interview, to compete fully, to give a speech fully politically, to act fully for the greater good and to be fully and completely in the pulse of our bodies and all that to experience a complete and sincere release as our small part as individuals in the bigger collective.


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