Hail Venus and Mars

I have been talking to Paloma as we are in our respective studios in Hamburg and Barcelona. I told Paloma I’m just drawing paisley and she reminded me that this grounds the astrology. So that explains the obsessive quality while Venus and Mars are dancing in other people’s resources and Pluto is dispositing right down to the psychological bottom line. Yesterday the Sun conjuncted Saturn which I had proclaimed the Move Furniture day. The Sun and Saturn are also about the father and  I was bouncing emails back and forth with my dad yesterday. If you didn’t move furniture, maybe you made a promise to your father or an important man. I sent my Dad some of my Paislies and told him he could pick one for his birthday and he did. This image above is a close-up of my Dad’s psychedelic paisley print I have now promised him. Meanwhile Venus and Mars conjunct exactly in the same place, 12° Scorpio Saturday night. Enjoy the deep edge of delicious!


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