New Moon in Libra: Like Origami > Dollar Bill > Heart > Star

Today as Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn are clustered together in the sign Libra, there was also a New Moon mid afternoon New York time. This is the kind of astrology which can be associated with intention-based events very much dependent upon our relating to one another. New Moons are also about new beginnings and when there is a New Moon in the sign Libra, this means that relating one-on-one may highlight any issues that have to do with Venus: Harmony, Beauty and Fairness. And with this New Moon, while there is a cluster of planets in Libra, the ruler of Libra, Venus, is about to go retrograde tomorrow. This to me creates a sense of origami, where we by choice fold our lives within our own concept of how our lives can go and can create new structures which at the very least offer new perspectives on a current themes. Over the next days we may reflect on our lives and see some transformations just as what happens when a dollar Bill is folded into a heart whose structure is dominated by a star.


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