Compartmentalizing Quarter Moon in Capricorn

This morning Moon entered the sign Capricorn where it will stay until Friday afternoon. When Moon is in Capricorn, it is a good vibe to take life seriously. We may care about our family, our lineage, our goals and preparing ourselves further for our lives in a way that makes us feel secure. There might be the feeling that we are not quite good enough and this can be an inner motivational voice. Be careful to listen to the voice that says you should be a certain status or have certain things. Make sure that this voice stays motivational but does not drag you down! Today for the rest of the day Moon is moving toward a square with Saturn. This aspect, in the best case scenario, helps us be practical. In the worst case scenario we may feel some insecurities.

The people I have known who have Moon in Capricorn in their natal charts have good systems for putting their stuff away, often based on a grid, or a kind of ¬†compartmentalization. Tomorrow the Moon reaches its quarter phase just before midnight on the East Coast. This is the quarter moon between October 7th’s New Moon in Libra and October 23rd’s Full Moon in Aries. We may be looking to balance a kind of emotional compartmentalization while hoping not to seem rude or cold. How can we keep harmonious relations, yet still get our work done and have the laundry folded and still keep our hearts open with families, friends, co-workers and ¬†the society? With Saturn in Libra in the picture the reminder is patience, good manners, fairness and to keep long term treasured goals in our sight.


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