Fulfillment and Our Corner of the Sky

This Friday, there will be a Full Moon in Aries, the second full Moon in Aries in a row. The last two times there were two Full Moons in Aries in a row was October 22, 1972 and October 23 1991. So this happens every 19 years. Each time the first Full Moon is at 0° Aries and the second Full Moon is at 29° Airies.

I looked back at 1972 and 1991 to see what was happening. According to the website The History Place, October 22 1972 was a time of “the heaviest fighting of the Viet Nam War”. At the same time, The Yom Kippur War was in process and the first cease fire had fallen through. But back on Broadway, the musical Pippen began its run at the Imperial Theatre, and went on for 1,944 performances. As Diana Ross said, “Pippen is a story of Emperor Charlemagne´s son who could never find happiness, like a lot of us. He tried everything. He tried war. He tried religion and he even tried a little sex. But it didn’t work. This song…  is about his search for fulfillment to find… that Corner of the Sky.”

Here is “Corner of the Sky” sung by the Jackson 5:

Regarding October 1991, from the 11th to the 13th of October 1991, that was when the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed both Supreme Court candidate Clarence Thomas and former aide Anita Hill, who alleged that Thomas sexually harassed her while she worked for him. Fast forward to October 2010, this week, Clarence Thomas’ wife asked  Ms. Hill to “consider an apology sometime”.

The connection between the original event and the phone call years later is a 19-year lunar cycle. The double Full Moon lunar cycle speaks of gender because Moon is feminine and emotional and Mars is masculine and driven. I have named the second Full Moon in Aries, “The Hero’s Full Moon” because I think of Aries as the ultimate hero, perhaps similar to Emperor Charlemagne’s son, being driven to wars, religion and a little bit of sex. So here is to tomorrow’s Hero’s Full Moon in Aries, and to finding fulfillment and our “Corner of the Sky”.


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