A Piece of the Picture & Choices After a Full Moon

Connection to Nature. These pretty and flowery blossoms remind me of yesterday’s fleeting full moon in Libra.  The black branches are the Mars-Saturn opposition. These branches can look harsh if you just want to see flowers but if I let my eyes relax and wander around the photograph, it’s the geometric lines that keep the flow. The patterns start to look like Islamic art, which makes me think about rugs, so I start to design rugs.

This first one looked like a big, unwanted bug is taking over the carpet, reminding me about the headlines today that the U.S. is warned about the big bugaboo deficit. I take the branches and rearrange them and I find there is a strange kind of pressure from the corners. My eye keeps following the branches and my curiosity doesn’t stop until finally I come to place where my eyes can rest. This is just a pice of the picture, and it is just a place to rest or to place your feet when you wake up in the morning.

The next time you go outside and look up at the trees, let your eyes follow from one branch to the next and you can let this remind you that there are choices after all.


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