Full Moon in Scorpio on the Sagittarius Cusp

The contrast when the moon changes from Scorpio to Sagittarius is often abrupt and palpable. Scorpio can be very secretive, with a heavy vibe. In this image, the dark structure symbolizes the aspects of our subconscious minds which can feel like a prison when we are not aware of the illusion. In this dark structure is a waterfall symbolizing the wealth which often accompanies Scorpio. Lightening is seen in the background suggesting drama which can be a symptom of our obsessions. The opening of the dark structure is suggestive of the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp and how time flows from one to the other. Whereas Scorpio has a heaviness, Sagittarius has a lightness and tends to  land on its feet when its not flying to a far off destination. The sky is clearing suggestive of the optimism often associated with Sagittarius.  Even in the face of a scary haunted house getting struck by lightening, a pack of Sagittarians may shrug their shoulders and fly off not looking back only looking at clear skies ahead.

The moon is now moving in to its exact fullness tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:09 pm Eastern Standard Time. Scorpio can be the place where we all keep our secrets, deepest desires and obsessions. When the moon is full in this sign, as astrologers we remind ourselves to observe, let go and release, especially for the six hours after this full moon until the moon changes sign to Sagittarius.

If we find ourselves with any heavy thoughts tomorrow, fear not for only a few hours away brings us the promise of an optimistic shift toward clear skies ahead.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Scorpio on the Sagittarius Cusp

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  4. I loooove this illustration. Now I’m envisioning a panorama of all 12. Can’t you see it? One leading into the next until we’re back at the start.

    Anyway, this captures a certain internal landscape of mine. Thanks!

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