Jupiter Retrograde: A World View Can Be Relative

When  astronomer Ptolomy was alive, only five planets plus the Sun and Moon had been discovered. Ptolomy believed these bodies circled around the Earth in this order: Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Flemish tapestry depicting muse Astronomia with astronomer Claudius Ptolemy.

Ptolomy was also a geographer and created this map of what was thought of at that time as the known part of Earth:

Claudius Ptolemy — Map of What Was Known As The Inhabited World.

Today the planet Jupiter turns retrograde. This means that from our perspective on Earth, it looks like Jupiter is not moving at all. Some astrological associations with the Planet Jupiter are long distance travel, higher education, and large systems of knowledge such as philosophy and law. When a planet turns retrograde this can signal a time to focus inward, so in this case, we may gain awareness of the world and our place in it.


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