Guide to Astrological Stations and Retrogrades November 2011 – December 2012

I just finished laying out a 2012 guide to retrogrades. Notice the first retrograde station in November 2011 is the beginning of the Mercury shadow on November 5. This Mercury retrograde will be overlapping the upcoming Mars in Virgo shadow just before Mars stations retrograde. This  may suggest that we be open to change (because of (1.) retrogrades and (2.)that the retrogrades are in mutable signs) in what we honestly (Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius) best serve and do (Mars retrograde in Virgo). There is caution not to overstep the mark. We can see in our charts where the retrogrades align to look for ideas of what we may re-think (Mercury) while we re-do (Mars).

The end of the Mars retrograde will overlap the Venus retrograde during 2012’s spring eclipses at 0° Gemini and 14° Sagittarius (on the Great Attractor). At the same time, the Uranus – Pluto square will become exact a few weeks later on June 24 at 8° Aries and Capricorn. At that point, although Mars will still be in Virgo, it will be completely out of the shadow and retrograde phase and Saturn will be turning direct on June 25. As Mars and Saturn are the rulers of the Uranus – Pluto square, it is as if the decks are cleared for  personal and collective transformation Round One.

With energy as powerful as this, peaceful protest cannot be emphasized enough, as Mars, beyond the retrograde gate will move adeptly through Libra and onto Mars’ co-ruling sign Scorpio for the second Uranus – Pluto square, September 19, 2012. Pluto will have just stationed forward on September 18, unleashing collective and subconscious powers. As Mars in Scorpio has no problem knowing what he wants and knowing how to get it, this second Uranus – Pluto square has has been granted strength which is so important for us all to channel for the good of our Earth and compassion for our fellow man and womankind.


4 thoughts on “Guide to Astrological Stations and Retrogrades November 2011 – December 2012

  1. Thanks so much Chris. Your opinion means a lot to me. I do have some ideas on marketing this as a poster and I will keep you informed! Thanks again!

  2. This is beautiful! What a cool idea…There may be a good market for this kind of infographics, either as a standalone or a visual for an astrological calendar etc. You have a great talent and a niche here I think….

  3. Thank you Hiroki! I always resonate with your writing so I am very complimented that my infographic resonates with you. I appreciate your feedback greatly. Will let you know what happens with this. See you on the net, Deirdre

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