Wide Open for the New Moon Eclipse





This year’s Thanksgiving may be very different than other Thanksgivings — in a good way. There will be a New Moon eclipse early on Friday, November 25 which will cast its lunar energy here on Earth for Thursday and through the weekend. It is as if the “slate is clean” and for reasons which have been evolving, we may be feeling generous, easy and relaxed about letting go of tradition, at the very least just for today.

The Eclipse will be visible from Antarctica, a place many of us have never been. I found the above photograph on Wikipedia ‘s Antarctica page. The caption reads that the pictured snow surface is typical of most of the continent’s landscape. I thought what a great image this is for a “clean slate”.

The sign this New Moon eclipse falls in is Sagittarius, a sign associated with spontaneity, intelligence and having confidence in our future. This Thanksgiving we can imagine the wide expanse of an Antarctican landscape and fill it with optimistic visions for our future. Happy Thanksgiving!


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