Venus Retrograde 2012 May 15 – June 27

Venus in 2012.







During a retrograde phase, reviewing the past can play an important role in clarifying our present moment. Venus is symbolic of love, values, women, money and beauty. During this Venus retrograde in Gemini, our next weeks may be filled with conversations that twist and turn around who we value, how we think, why we love and where we are in this sometimes surprising and circuitous story.

Sometimes a retrograde can have magnetic energy. We may hear from old friends from the past. We may look back on old pieces of art we made and reconsider how it fits in our creative process. We may find a birthday present we got last year and finally know what to do with it. We may become aware of shifts and adjustments in our relationships.

Between May 15 and June 27, Venus will pass through the degrees from 24° – back to 7° Gemini. This period may be like a review and may feel like a re-arrangment. On June 27, Venus will turn direct, moving forward again. From June 27 until July 31, Venus will review the path she just traveled twice, first from April 12 to May 15 forwards, and then May 15 to June 27 backwards. The period from June 27 until July 31 may be an assimilation or a beginning of a putting back together phase.

As Venus is in Gemini there could be a flurry of many conversations between neighbors, siblings, friends, lovers and family as we integrate new or old ideas around love, values and beauty. There may be many thoughts moving in different directions, as logical as a butterfly’s path — unpredictable and in constant movement — fluttering with talking. To hone in on meaning and siphon off gossip, a key may be keeping our hearts as open and engaged as the love letters we write and store in our minds.


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