This Eclipse Passage: From Silent to Talking About It

Solar Eclipse: Nov 13, 2012. (new moon)

Lunar Eclipse: Nov 28, 2012. (full moon)

The two weeks between eclipses can be an intensified passage of time. This eclipse passage links a new Scorpio moon with a full Gemini moon, indicating a passage from the deep, silent and emotional to a process of ease in finding the words to process and release our emotions.

As Mercury is currently retrograde, there is material to collect from our past. On Saturday Nov 17, Sun and Mercury will conjunct at 25° Scorpio, creating a seed moment midway in the eclipse passage. We may be seeing results from this seed on Jan. 18, 2013 when Sun conjuncts forward-moving Mercury at 28° Capricorn. The connection from Scorpio to Capricorn can be described by a connection from dark to light, or from the secretive to going public.

It is rare for a pair of eclipses to overlap the Mercury Sun seed moment and can indicate a period of accelerated change before us. Considering too, that the winter solstice will occur halfway between the two Sun-Mercury conjunctions, it emphasizes the momentum which is building toward mid to late January.

During times of accelerated change it is especially important to keep our thoughts positive. For this I will end this post with a quote from one of the masters of positive thinking:

“Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite well of love. The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, and it returns to me multiplied. The supply is endless!” — Louise Hay

This weekend we can remember to cast our awareness around planting tender yet strong seeds for the practical results we want to see, or experience  around mid to end of January.

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