Festival of Lights and A Glass At Least Half Full


It is hard to have twelve twelve twelve go by and not be aware of it for at least a second; we know 12.12.12. will not likely happen again in our lifetimes. In the next nine days until December 21, the official first day of winter and beginning of longer days, we are moving forward in the next cosmic chapter of our lives.

12.12.12.chartThere are several strong indicators of a pulse carrying us forward, particularly this week: The planet of unexpected leaps and bounds, Uranus, is preparing to move forward at 4° Aries. There is also a new moon in Sagittarius. Giving further blessings to new beginnings, Mercury is NOT retrograde at all — our thoughts and emotions move naturally in the direction of our future. To give even extra oomph, the ruler of Aries, Mars, supports concentrated efforts at 19° Capricorn. To steady our efforts, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is nestled securely in Scorpio, sextile Pluto, strengthening foundations, if we choose. To top it all off, Venus is conjunct the North Node — something somewhere is very pleasant, even if secretly so.

Also this week there is an aspect which is like getting a new pair of glasses: Mercury square Neptune. This is the moment when the optician says, “Is this clearer or blurrier?” We concentrate on focussing our eyes to make sure this pair of glasses makes us happy and as we concentrate our awareness is heightened. With Sun, Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius, there is reason to be happy if for only the reason that happiness is in all of our reach all of the time. To see where happiness is within your reach look to the houses in your chart where Scorpio and Sagittarius are. In these houses there is a LOT to do, as the houses are both SO lit up and Jupiter is involved.

It always gets back to our thoughts: Is our glass half empty or the glass half full? In case we forget, our charts can always show us where our glass is half full and where our glasses are in focus. The energy this week suggests starting something new and harnessing our energy creatively, happily and with gusto. Happy Holidays!

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