Design for Web

Website and Blog for Artsist and Jewelry Designer, Lisa Pevaroff.

Website for New York artist and jewelery designer, Lisa Pevaroff. This original design site features the artist’s complete portfolio of paintings and over 250 bracelets each hand made by Lisa, herself. All items are purchasable directly through the site.

Website for Yoga with Monika.

Blog and website for professional yoga teacher. This site, Yoga with Monika, informs yoga students of class schedules, workshops and registration announcements.  The site also provides the teacher’s biography, résumé and contact information easily accessible. Included in the design of this blog are teaching services from Deirdre on how to update and use WordPress. Gradually the client is able to update her site completely on her own.

Website and Blog for Musician and Actress, Clara Velez.

Website for musician and actress,Clara Vélez. The main attraction on this website is the juke box which plays snippets from Clara’s most recent album. This website is programmed in three languages so one doesn’t need to go to an online translator. Also featured on this website is Clara’s blog for music, and a blog for acting, both of which Clara can update herself. A moving marquee on the Clara Velez home page informs fans where Clara is currently performing.

Pamela Tanton Health Writing and Medical Marketing

Website and blog for content writer and Qigong instructor, Pamela Tanton. This health and healing content-themed website is a platform for Pamela’s writing samples and qigong schedule. As a web content writer, most of Pamela’s clients are out of state. This website allows potential new clients to see up to date samples of Pamela’s work. This website also makes Pamela easy to find in search engines, which is helpful for not only the content writing, but also for Qigong students who are looking for classes and workshops.

Marujo’s Dogwalking Service

Website for the dogwalking business of Marujo Bastos. This website is for a dogwalker who is looking to attract new customers and maintain connection to existing customers. This blog shows the dogwalker in all weather so clients feel assured that they can rely on Marujo’s services, even in snow and rain. This blog comes up easily in all search engines, providing Marujo with a professional trustworthy presence. This blog is easy for Marujo to update conveniently with pictures or text.


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