Neptune Station Zero Pisces







This week’s climate is most advantageous for creative projects, especially projects that include anything from the past, like collaborating with people from the past, or bringing a partially started project back to life.

Where there are a lot of little pieces floating around, this is the energy to find the most beautiful way of editing those pieces into a song, a painting or a novel. This is also a very good week to pray or to state intentions remembering that the essence of our soul is unconditional love.

Mercury is turning retrograde on Tuesday evening and Neptune is turning forward on Saturday East Coast time.

This fish, emerging from the mist, sees all the small details and extracts them into one image, like a stop-action composite from it’s entire life, the path to the future reveals itself.

Libra New Moon Sign by Sign

The New Moon in Libra takes place at 8:02 am EST on Monday October 15.

Aries –  Relating with someone closely in a new way, helps get the communication to  good place. Allow this new way of relating to  support you with all the work you have to do, want to do and will do. You can have it all.

Taurus –  A new way of structuring your day might make you re-think work or school. Lots is going on with children and loved ones. Though there may be a sense of urgency, the slowest route may be the best, which luckily is one of your specialties.

Gemini – New ideas are supporting a lightening up at home with re-newed playfulness, romance and love. A meeting at home could provide you with a sudden shift in approaching partnership with more confidence.
Cancer – Enjoy this new and real sense of ease in your family, which is mostly a result of you communicating so politely and so often with so many. Step outside of your world for a second to notice how your world is nurturing you.
Leo – The opus you are developing could bring you the results you want. Use the next two weeks to have the concept up and running. Entrusting someone you value to give you feedback while the the work is still in the beginning phase could save a lot of time later on.
Virgo – The next two weeks offer you the depth in thinking you will want for choosing the best way around creating a strategy in a larger project at your job. Create a new look to wear to at your job and you will shine even more.
Libra – This is a time of personal renewal for you where you may experience a re-born sense of strength in yourself. There is also a lot of information to share with the larger world which has the most optimistic effects in a larger universal context.
Scorpio – This is the beginning of your serious New World Order and with this new moon you can get a sense of what is most important in your private world and your psychic space. It may be as if a light goes on specifically around resources you manage with others and this will brighten your world.
Sagittarius – You may establish new goals and notice a seriousness to staying on track consciously honoring yourself first and foremost, in a good way. Being out in the world to see and be seen on any stage may give you just the feedback you need strengthening your steady path.
Capricorn – A recent shift may help you sort out some nebulous ideas to lead you to regain perhaps lost contact to close relatives and other people important in your world everyday. This clarifying can support a deep resonating  as you ultimately identify yourself as the author of your life.
Aquarius – A sudden idea may energize you as a broader more cosmic plan adds strength and self confidence. A short deep talk may provide the information you need with a brother or sister or someone similar to shift awareness gaining not only confidence but also a deeper sense of security.
Pisces – The hazy boundryless spiritual world takes on a rare contained clarity which when implemented originally can contribute to your income. There is energy to access way beyond your comfort zone which can bring you luck, safety and roots, so go bigger than you have.

Uranus and Mercury Station in Aries and Leo

Sometimes when planets station, a space in our lives or our minds may open for truth to come out. We may see something in a new way. Look for this from July 13 to July 15. The Uranus station was at 5:48 a.m. on July 13 at 8° Aries. The Mercury station is on July 14 at 10:15 p.m. at 12° Leo. As these stations happen in fire signs it may be as if the lights go on particularly in the way we want to make progress in the world and let our voice be heard.

Venus Retrograde 2012 May 15 – June 27

Venus in 2012.







During a retrograde phase, reviewing the past can play an important role in clarifying our present moment. Venus is symbolic of love, values, women, money and beauty. During this Venus retrograde in Gemini, our next weeks may be filled with conversations that twist and turn around who we value, how we think, why we love and where we are in this sometimes surprising and circuitous story.

Sometimes a retrograde can have magnetic energy. We may hear from old friends from the past. We may look back on old pieces of art we made and reconsider how it fits in our creative process. We may find a birthday present we got last year and finally know what to do with it. We may become aware of shifts and adjustments in our relationships.

Between May 15 and June 27, Venus will pass through the degrees from 24° – back to 7° Gemini. This period may be like a review and may feel like a re-arrangment. On June 27, Venus will turn direct, moving forward again. From June 27 until July 31, Venus will review the path she just traveled twice, first from April 12 to May 15 forwards, and then May 15 to June 27 backwards. The period from June 27 until July 31 may be an assimilation or a beginning of a putting back together phase.

As Venus is in Gemini there could be a flurry of many conversations between neighbors, siblings, friends, lovers and family as we integrate new or old ideas around love, values and beauty. There may be many thoughts moving in different directions, as logical as a butterfly’s path — unpredictable and in constant movement — fluttering with talking. To hone in on meaning and siphon off gossip, a key may be keeping our hearts as open and engaged as the love letters we write and store in our minds.

Happy Equinox To Our Big Wide World & All of Us In It.






In Equinox season we may feel in a big hurry to control everything. On this year’s first day of Spring, there are a couple of important planets retrograde which means we are still resolving some of the past. It’s not quite the time to make a mad dash. New beginnings may seem slow or stilted. The retrogrades suggest there is no rush; there is time. Happy Spring, Happy Vernal Equinox, Ode to the Aries Point, 0° Aries, our point of entry to the Zodiac, hello.

Wide Open for the New Moon Eclipse





This year’s Thanksgiving may be very different than other Thanksgivings — in a good way. There will be a New Moon eclipse early on Friday, November 25 which will cast its lunar energy here on Earth for Thursday and through the weekend. It is as if the “slate is clean” and for reasons which have been evolving, we may be feeling generous, easy and relaxed about letting go of tradition, at the very least just for today.

The Eclipse will be visible from Antarctica, a place many of us have never been. I found the above photograph on Wikipedia ‘s Antarctica page. The caption reads that the pictured snow surface is typical of most of the continent’s landscape. I thought what a great image this is for a “clean slate”.

The sign this New Moon eclipse falls in is Sagittarius, a sign associated with spontaneity, intelligence and having confidence in our future. This Thanksgiving we can imagine the wide expanse of an Antarctican landscape and fill it with optimistic visions for our future. Happy Thanksgiving!

Guide to Astrological Stations and Retrogrades November 2011 – December 2012

I just finished laying out a 2012 guide to retrogrades. Notice the first retrograde station in November 2011 is the beginning of the Mercury shadow on November 5. This Mercury retrograde will be overlapping the upcoming Mars in Virgo shadow just before Mars stations retrograde. This  may suggest that we be open to change (because of (1.) retrogrades and (2.)that the retrogrades are in mutable signs) in what we honestly (Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius) best serve and do (Mars retrograde in Virgo). There is caution not to overstep the mark. We can see in our charts where the retrogrades align to look for ideas of what we may re-think (Mercury) while we re-do (Mars).

The end of the Mars retrograde will overlap the Venus retrograde during 2012’s spring eclipses at 0° Gemini and 14° Sagittarius (on the Great Attractor). At the same time, the Uranus – Pluto square will become exact a few weeks later on June 24 at 8° Aries and Capricorn. At that point, although Mars will still be in Virgo, it will be completely out of the shadow and retrograde phase and Saturn will be turning direct on June 25. As Mars and Saturn are the rulers of the Uranus – Pluto square, it is as if the decks are cleared for  personal and collective transformation Round One.

With energy as powerful as this, peaceful protest cannot be emphasized enough, as Mars, beyond the retrograde gate will move adeptly through Libra and onto Mars’ co-ruling sign Scorpio for the second Uranus – Pluto square, September 19, 2012. Pluto will have just stationed forward on September 18, unleashing collective and subconscious powers. As Mars in Scorpio has no problem knowing what he wants and knowing how to get it, this second Uranus – Pluto square has has been granted strength which is so important for us all to channel for the good of our Earth and compassion for our fellow man and womankind.